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DJ Stavo’s Facebook account hacked.

Popurlar Zim entertainer Dj Stavo is crying foul after some unscrupulous people hacked into his Facebook account. He said that he had now lost over 150 000 followers to the merciless IT experts. DJ Stavo enjoys a wide following and is renowned worldwide. He has toured numerous countries and perfomed alongside some of the greatest names in showbiz. The hacking certainly has detrimental effects to his career as he is a well known public figure. Cases of hacking of social media platforms have become rampant in Zim. The unfortunate part is the one whose account has been hacked might only wake to the realization that his account has been hacked weeks or even months after the take over. Many people sympathized with DJ Stavo and some even provided contacts of those who can help him get back his Facebook account. Those who hack other people’s accounts can go on to use the said accounts for criminal activities. A few months ago, Zimbabwean model and television presenter who is based in South Africa Kim Jayde announced that someone had hacked into her account as she was attending a fashion show in New York. The hacker had gone on to ask for money from her friends citing that she would pay back as soon as she got back to South Africa. DJ Stavo remains one if the best entertainer in Zimbabwe and the world over.

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