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Ginimbi pledges to support 100 young entrepreneurs.

Socialite and businessman Genius Kadungure commonly known as Ginimbi has promised to support 100 young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe through his Ginimbi Foundation. The program which I dubbed “Tommorow’s geniuses” will be managed by one Ms Shally.

The initiative seek to identify young, local business minded people and help them set up their own businesses. The programme was officially launched for that very specific reason. Interested candidates are required to submit their business ideas or existing business profiles on the foundation’s website. The initiative seeks to assist those who are willing to start their own businesses and those who already have businesses running.

One simply has to submit their profile on the website and wait to be contacted for feedback. Ms Shally has warned people against approaching Ginimbi personally at his Domboshava mansion or calling him as as been happening. She said people ought to follow the set procedure in order to be chosen for the program. Details of how much will be given away have not yet been furnished.

Many people said they were grateful to Ginimbi for such a noble initiative. They said it was trite that people like him give back to the community. Zimbabwe has been on the path of advocating for entrepreneurship especially amongst the youths. Even the current president has been preaching the same mantra.

Ginimbi has always been known to be generous at heart. He is one person that has been supporting local artists and businesses. At one time, when he was arrested and put in remand prison, Ginimbi paid bail money for nearly a hundred inmates who had been granted bail but we’re failing to pay the recquired amounts.

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