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Hope Masike cooking up some magic in Norway.

Afro jazz music sensation Hope Masike has been busy making some great music in Norway. Thanks singer joined forces with her Monoswezi bandmates to produce their 5 the album. The group consisted of artists from Zimbabwe, Sweden, Norway and Mozambique. It is a true collaboration of great talent from various countries and cultures. The transcultural crew has 4 albums to its name.

After working on their project, the grouis expected to stage shows in Oslo. Masike said that it is a dream come true to be working with artists from various cultures. Indeed the group has been making its creative juices flowing as they wrap up yet another masterpiece.

Masike is expected to weave in her mbira playing magical prowess and she plays the percussion as well in the group. Her angelic, African voice will also add a unique flavour to their album. Masike seems to be on a whirlwind chase of her musical dreams as she recently released her own album titled “Exorcism of a spinster”. It was positively reviewed by her fans including big names such as Fadzai Mahere.

Masike is definitely raising the nation’s flag high as she advocates for the recognition of African music and instruments in the global scale. She is one of the few female mbira musicians or gwenyambirakadzi in the country. The singer is well travelled having toured numerous countries. She was also music teacher at one point in Norway.

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