Julius Malema to attend Mugabe burial.

South African politician and leader of the EFF party, Julius Malema has promised to attend the burial of former president Robert Mugabe. He said that he regarded the former president as an icon. Malema castigated those with racial tendencies who are trying to impose on others that Robert Mugabe was not a good leader.

Malema called on people to remember the former president in the best way they knew him. Malema has always been an ardent supporter of Robert Mugabe particularly his Land reform programme. He has previously commended the former president for giving black people land in Zimbabwe unlike in South Africa where the majority of state land is owned by white people.

There is still uncertainty over the place of burial of the former president with family members advocating for his burial at his rural home in Zvimba and government on the other hand insisting on his burial at the national heroes acre. The body of the late former president has since left the funeral parlour in Singapore.

The former president was aged 95 at the time of his death. He had been battling ill health for some time. There have been a myriad of mixed reactions to his death. Whilst some artists and statesmen have been painting the picture of a hero who was instrumental in the liberation of Zimbabwe and one who stood up to white supremacy rule, others have been painting a picture of a ruthless leader who left to an economic meltdown.

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