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Kikky badass declares she is the hottest female celebrity in Zim.

Rapper Kikky badass might have bitten off more than she could chew when she declared that she is the hottest female celebrity in Zim. She made her declaration in an exclusive interview with Newsday. Kikky is well known for her perfomance in Enzo ishall’s video 50 magate. She also regurlaly causes commotion online with explicit images and twerking videos. Kikky stated in the interview,”Belief is confidence that something exists even without proof. I would like to always speak for myself and think I am drop dead gorgeous”. Most ladies were quick to reprimand her for her ego and said there are better celebrities such as Pokello whose class she can never reach. Others, however, gave her a things up and agreed with her sentiments. Kikky is a well known rapper whose mic skills are unquestionable. A few months ago she broke down the internet with her own rendition of the Megatron challenge. Kikky never shys away from the camera and loves to flaunt her assets. She recently caused furore with a sexy poolside image.

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