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Kirsty Coventry Bashes ZIFA

Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation  Honourable Kirsty Coventry expressed her anger and disappointment at the current Zifa board. After a year of challenges with national sports board members, the former Olympic champion had plenty to say.

She first expressed her anger at the latest debacle in ZIFA after they recently requested more funding from the government to travel to a men’s qualifier. This comes just after the ZIFA board embarrassingly failed to get the national team to a 2020 Olympic qualifier return leg in Zambia. Neglecting the women’s team and costing them a potential chance to qualify for the big tournament.

I asked ZIFA Chair for a meeting to discuss the women’s qualifying debacle on Sunday, he proceeded to ask the government for the Men’s travel tomorrow! I have had enough of women’s sports not being taken seriously in Zimbabwe.

Kirsty Coventry

She continued to speak about sports issues in Zimbabwe on Social media where she commented on the behaviour of both ZIFA and the Zimbabwe Cricket Board.

Government took on #ZimCricket debt told not to interfere. #ZIFA once again asks for more money but told not to interfere. This is tax payer’s money you are “playing” with! Both these associations get huge amounts of money from the international federation -where is it?

Kirtsty Coventry

The ZIFA board has had an embarrassing year that saw the men’s team unable to participate in the COSAFA tournament/ To add on the men’s cricket team has been faced with a major challenge that could see them being banned from participating in One Day Cricket because of the Zimbabwe Cricekt Board. Kirsty Coventry is facing a tough year putting the national sports organisations of Zimbabwe in order again. Only time will tell how she will be able to solve the challenges in the nation’s sports.

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