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Lady Bee’s new video raises eyebrows.

Zimdancehall singer Lady Bee is once again the centre of controvesy following recent images for her upcoming music video. The singer posted short clips as a teaser before the official release of her video. The artist appears to be enjoying herself on a bed, straddling, dancing provocatively and wriggling her waist like one who is possessed. She rounds off her perfomance by opening her legs wide open.

The short video clip has stirred so much controvesy especially amongst zimdancehall fans. They have bemoaned the state of affairs within the music genre. One fan worried whether Lady Bee actually had my relatives who might be to bear the brunt of watching such provocative stuff posted on the public scene. Others lamented lack of discipline and morality in the music industry and said it is high time that artists abandoned Western ethics in their music videos. They said whilst it is probably the culture in the US and other Western countries to have such explicit content in their music videos such as those of Nicki minaj, it is just unheard of on the local scene.

Local artists have started embracing western standards in order to make their music videos more marketable. Lady Bee is no stranger to controvesy. Her previous videos such as Hello murume have also been heavily criticized for their suggestive lyrics. Her last video also set tongues wagging in which she featured a naked male model whom she teased and seduced.

Many people have bemoaned moral rot with today’s your and channels such as the music industry have been abused to further such agendas.

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