Mbuya Nehanda martenity hospital condemned over death of woman in labour.

There is an outpour of rage over the death of a woman at Mbuya Nehanda martenity hospital who was neglected by nurses. The woman is said to have passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. She started shouting for help from the nurses from around 12 midnight but she was left unassisted. She later on died at around 4 am and was found with a dead body between her legs.

The Head of public relations at the hospital Links Dhire confirmed the incident and said, ” We confirm that we have received a report of a case of suspected rapture of the uterus at Mbuya Nehanda martenity hospital, we are currently conducting thorough investigations to establish the actual circumstances of the case”.

The incident comes at a time when there is speculation about the state of affairs at public hospitals in Zimbabwe. Early in the year comedians Madam boss and Lorraine Guyo exposed the root at public hospitals in martenity wards. Sadly, the reality is that such acts are still taking place with many women losing their lives and their babies due to neglect.

During a hospital tour at Parirenyatwa hospital early this year by the minister of health, doctors bemoaned lack of resources especially in the martenity wing. Most people have, however, lambasted hospital staff for purely leaving a helpless woman experiencing labour pains to suffer and die without any form of assistance.

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