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Mudiwa claps back at Stunner as their beef escalates.

Local rapper and hip hop artist Mudiwa has clapped back at fellow rapper Stunner following some diss remarks made a few days ago by Stunner. In a short video clip, Stunner had ridiculed Mudiwa for patnering with Steward bank for their promotional material. Mudiwa did not take the issue lightly nand has come guns blazing at his fellow rapper.

In not so many words, Mudiwa descended heavily upon Stunner. He posted an image of himself behind the wheels of a sleek car, wearing an original gold watch and a stash of 100 USD dollar notes peeking from his dashboard. He then commented nthat he had just cashed out on his royalties in order to sustain himself for the week. He said he was enroute to see his parents in Chitungwiza. Mudiwa commented further that a certain person had once gone to visit his parents in Glen Norah whilst sitting in a kombi at a seat reserved for those with inadequate fares, commonly known as “Kadoma”.

Mudiwa was obviously reffering to Stunner, whose parents reside in Glen Norah. It is also a well known fact that Mudiwa has more financial muscle than Stunner. He has now challenged Stunner to a #Ginimbi challenge wherein he has asked Stunner to come forward with his own cars. Mudiwa shared an image in front of several poshy cars, purpotedly his.

Stunner hit back by saying he had more fans than Mudiwa. Although the beef might seem like petty squabbling between two artists, experiences from other countries like the US has revealed that artists can go as far as killing each other.

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