“My father did not commit suicide”. Doreen Dambaza sets the record straight.

Upper Ministries church senior pastor Berry Dambaza passes away on Monday after falling from the third floor of Rezende mall. Speculation had been that he had caught his wife in a compromising position with a church official. Fresh details have, however emerged, in spite of averments by police that his marriage was in shambles from evidence recovered from his phone. Doreen Dambaza, the daughter of the late pastor has lambasted people for spreading falsehoods. She clarified that her father never committed suicide by jumping to his death but collapsed instead. She said she was hurt by averments that he had taken his own life. Oreen castigated people for not giving her family time to bury her father and mourn in peace. Dambaza described her father as a loving man. She stated,”My dad was a loving father and a husband. Allow my family to mourn and lay a hero of faith who was passionate about winning souls for Christ”. She set the record straight on the cheating allegations and said he mother had been at home, nursing their 90 yeah old grandmother, at the time her father passed away. The grandmother later passed away upon learning of her son’s death. She said rumours of cheating were unfounded. Singer McDonald Chidavaenzi also castigated people for assuming that the pastor had killed himself. During his lifetime Pastor Dambaza authored two books.

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