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Sir Wicknell takes a dig at broke men.

Outspoken businessman Wicknell Chivhayo is at it again. The flamboyant business owner recently remarked that cuddling with a broke man is like being wrapped around with a snake. The recent statement nhas caused so much outrage amongst fellow male counterparts who have lambasted Chivhayo for trying to influence women to consider their monetary limits when looking for love.

Those who are married have clapped back at Chivhayo for attempting to instill such thoughts into the minds of their wives. Chivhayo loves to flash his wealth and often posts images of himself surrounded by bricks of cash or designer shoes.

He is also renowned for his globe trotting escapades and luxurious shopping sprees. Most cases strapped local brothers have descended hard on Chivhayo with some labelling him a thief who is now bragging about wealth acquired under Dody circumstances.

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