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Stunner throws shade at Mudiwa.

Local rapper Stunner seems to have rekindled his on and off beef with fellow rapper Mudiwa. The two have been involved in public fights for years now. Although they seemed to have made peace, the duo is at each other’s throats again.

This time, it was Stunner who made a diss at Mudiwa for making a jingle for steward bank. He posted a video of himself surrounded by a bevy of beautiful girls in Bulawayo. He then commented that a particular fan who had not been impressed by his latest video Bata Chimoko had likened him to Mudiwa. He said upon “investigations” into who Mudiwa really was, he woke up I a startling realization that it was one wannabe rapper who was used by banks. Stunner was refferring to Mudiwa’s patnership with Steward bank.

The diss has caused a lot of furore online with Mudiwa fans clapping back at Stunner for his sentiments. They said Stunner could never equate himself to Mudiwa, who had more swag and was better in terms of financial status. Stunner’s fans however came to his defence and said that he was more gifted lyrically and his latest video was a masterpiece as compared to Mudiwa’s songs.

The two artists have always been at each other’s throats. They are both household names in Zim. They also both love to show off their valuable assests such as cars.

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