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Top 5 Zim challenges that rocked Instagram in 2019.

A lot of challenges were trending on Instagram in 2019. The culture of people posting videos challenging others to follow suit had been dominant on the Instagram platform. Here are the top 5 challenges that rocked the internet this year.

1 The 50 magate challenge.

This challenge was as a result of zimdancehall singer’s hit single 50 magate. The song featured rapper Kikky badass who put on a controvesial perfomance. Her waist wriggling prowess and acrobatic dance skills immediately sent viewers into a frenzy. A lot if fans started posting videos on Instagram mimicking the perfomance by Kikky badass. Outstanding videos included those of adult perfomer Beverly Sibanda and comedian Madam boss.The 50 magate challenge indeed lived up to expectations judging from the popurlarity of the song.

2 2030 ndendichipo challenge.

The challenge arose as a result of sentiments uttered by the president of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa as he was addressing people at a rally. The president remarked that he will still be available an the political sphere in 2030. People started imitating his statement and posted short videos announcing their presence in 2030.

3 The face app challenge

The face app revolutionised the issue of growing up in Zimbabwe. It made people reflect on the reality that everyone will get old at some point in their lives. Many celebrities embraced this application and posted images of the older versions of themselves.

4 Unovashungurudza challenge.

The song by zimdancehall artist Jah Signal became a household anthem. The challenge that followed thereafter on Instagram was explosive. Coupled by the fact that the singer promised USD 100 to the winning video, Instagram became flooded with videos of people singing along to the song.

5 Automatically challenge.

Many people posted videos of themselves dancing along to Baba Harare’s song Automatically. The self professed ‘,sugar man’ indeed ignited a revolution bwith most fans scrambling to get his attention through short video clips.

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