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Top Zim entertainers of 2019. Part 1

The year 2019 has been characterized by a lot of activity in the entertainment industry. Several celebrities have been making waves on radio, television, on Facebook and basically all social media handles.Here are our top 10 entertainers of 2019.

1 Madam boss

The comedian usually leave people in stitches with her hillarious comic skits. Madam boss has been entertaining people with her various acting skills this year. Her role as Dudzai, the dumb maid, has been a hit with most of her fans. Madam boss has also been making a lot of noise as brand ambassador for various companies including Netone,Primket travel and tours, and others. She has also appeared in music videos such as the popurlar Ngaibake. The boss lady has certainly been hard at work, entertaining masses of people in the process.

2 Queen Tatelicious

The drama queen has been a topical name in the entertainment industry in 2019. Tatelicious is a social media influencer and singer. Her provocative and controvesial dance videos have been the subject of controvesy in most conversations. Her song Ndichengete has also been widely played, with other singers endorsing it.

3 Enzo ishall

The zimdancehall artist is undoubtedly one of the most popular voices of 2019. His song 50 magate became a club anthem, not to mention the songs he released afterwards. These include Mutasi. Enzo has been entertaining people with his hillarious, crazy lyrics and continues to block fans away.

4 Tany Moyo

Tamy has been seriously taking her music a notch up. Her latest video Kwandinobva is probably one of the most talked about videos in Zim. It also earned her international recognition having been nominated for two Afrimma awards.

5 Enock Chisale

Enock was fairly known but did not enjoy as much success as other comedians. His break suddenly came through and people love his musical re enactments of Zimbabwean songs. His signature look of baggy trousers, oversized shirts and a brown hat have made him even more popurlar. Chisale recently starred in Alick Macheso and Freeman’s music video, probing that he is now a force to reckon in the entertainment industry.

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