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Vimbai Zimuto and Kikky badass kiss and make up.

Vimbai Zimuto and her rival Kikky badass seem to have buried the hatchet. The two are scheduled to perform together on the 29 the if September in Chitungwiza. The duo had promised an explosive show and encouraged fans to come in their numbers.

Vimbai Zimuto said the show is centred around reconciliation. It is titled Peace in the hood. She stated,” This theme is directed at finding peace with each other and me and Kiki had our own share of media catfights”. Indeed the two ladies had been on each other’s throats for some time. Kikky accused Zimuto of stealing her concepts particularly for her nude photographs and projects.

Vimbai also reiterated that love conquers all, casting away any doubts of her newly found peace with Kikky. Both ladies are renowned in the entertainment industry. Kikky is an accomplished dancer and rapper whilst Zimuto is a talented musician and artist. Both ladies are gifted with gorgeous bodies to which fans are eagerly awaiting to get a visual taste of in the upcoming show.

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