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Vimbai Zimuto set to ignite the Olinda Chapel high tea.

The annual Olinda Chapel high tea will be given a new twist this year as it features a perfomance by controvesial singer and artist Vimbai Zimuto. The theme for this year is “African royalty”. Olinda highlited that the theme is line with how women especially those in the diaspora raise their children, run their businesses and how they manage their marriages.

The event will be hosted by Aunty Jenny and Uncle Ged. It will take place in Birmingham. Olinda had previously adevertised for male models to apply for positions of serving guests on the day. They will be dressed in African inspired traditional clothes (nhembe).

The high tea will take place on 5 October 2019 and promises to live up to billing. The menu will incoporate traditional African dishes. There has been an overwhelming positive response to the event with most people professing online that they will attend the high class affair. Some have also applauded the inclusion of Vimbai Zimuto on the programme citing that she is best suited to retell the African story. Vimbai stirred controvesy early in the year when she posted a series of nude pictures and defended herself by saying that she was emulating her ancestors who used to walk around naked. She also staged her own arts exhibition celebrating African beauty and uniqueness.

A few negative responses have however been noted. One fan lambasted Olinda for trying to make Tytan jealous by hiring make models to serve people on the day. Others said that disliked the idea of Vimbai Zimuto perfoming on the day.

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