ZERA distances itself from fake messages on solar energy regulations in Zim.

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority issued a press statement yesterday distancing itself from some social media message that is currently doing the rounds. The message warns the public against installing solar panels without obtaining a licence from an alleged Zimbabwe Solar Regulatory board.

ZERA has advised that there is no such board in existence. The people behind the message are mere scammers looking to rob people of their hard earned money. Among the list of requirements for a person or company to install a solar panel are to subscribe with the Zimbabwe solar regulatory board, to apply for licences to install and that the purported board will deploy its officers to confiscate all solar panels from unlicensed properties.

ZERA stated that it is actually advocating for people to use solar energy given the current electricity challenges facing the country. A few weeks ago, a new statutory instrument was put in place allowing the importation of solar equipment and batteries duty free at the country’s boarders. The social media message had actually caused confusion with people questioning whether the government was now going back on its word, of allowing solar energy to be utilized without any hassles. It is quite unfortunate that some individuals and companies might have already fallen prey to the scam.

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