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Zim author launches book after Obama inspiration.

Zimbabwean author and motivational speaker Mandipa Shumba launched her second book on the 15 the os September 2019. This was after being recommended by former US president Barack Obama. Shumba had written to him earlier on adviing of her future plans. The former president had responded,”I’m confident that as long as you stay focused on your education,keep looking out for others,and never stop looking for the next thing to learn, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Good luck with your book”.

Mandipa seemed to have taken heed to the advice and proceeded to launch her book titled “Legends with dreams”. The book has four chapters namely Freedom, Talent and ability, Hope and Bliss. It is however a compilation of poems rather than one continuous story. She received assistance from Dr Fay Chung who was also heavily involved with her first book.

The book centres around the liberation struggle and is emotionally charged with heartwarming stories about the struggle. To come up with a comprehensive book, Mandipa actually interviewed war veterans. The poems are well detailed in war events. One such poem is titled “My dark season” which digs into the loss of loved ones on the battlefield during the war. It goes further in exploring the consequences that flow from such tragedy including PTSD by those aggrieved.

Mandipa’s book is set to receive a lot of critical acclaim due to its naked truth and real life tragedy.

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