Breast cancer awareness month begins. Top 5 facts about breast cancer.

As the whole world celebrates breast cancer awareness month, Zimbabwr joins in the campaign to conscientise people about the disease. The annual event is celebrated from the first to the 31st of October. The main aim is to raise awareness on breast cancer, early detection and treatment. Here are five facts about breast cancer that every human being ought to know.

1 Although breast cancer can be fatal, it can however be treated if detected early. Proper diagnosis and early admission to treatment can actually cure the breast cancer.

2 The majority of deaths resulting from breast cancer occur in low to middle income countries.

3 The top risk factor for getting breast cancer is aging. As women get older their chances of getting this type of cancer are also increased. According to statistics breast cancer is mostly found in women aged 55 years and older.

4 Women must self examine their breasts regurlaly to detect lumps and irregularities. This can help to seek treatment early.

5 Late detection is often as a result of ignorance, lack of proper health care services or lack of awareness.

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