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Heavily pregnant Pineapple still rocking some moves.

Zimbabwean dancing sensation Chengetayi Nisi, commonly known as Pineapple, is one hot momma. 8 months into her pregnancy and she is still rocking some dance moves. The young choreographer recently showed off her dancing skills in one of her dance classes in spite of her bulging belly. She said she lives for dance and it can be done.

Pineapple announced that she had her patner were expecting and most people are already anxious to meet their bundle of joy. She has not taken any time out from her busy dance class schedule and appears to be living every minute of it. Whilst Bontke Modiselle, a dancer in South Africa made the headlines a few weeks ago by conducting a dance class whilst heavily pregnant, our very own Pineapple has risen up to the challenge.

It has been a good year for the dance guru as she was featured in BBC Africa. She reiterated that even her parents did not understand her career path, when she chose to follow her dancing passion. The former radio personality proved to be a force to reckon as evidenced by her impressive dance skills.

She has her own dance studio called Pineapple creative studio and often posts her choreography online. Her recent posts clearly show that the pregnant beauty, who is about pop, is undettered by her condition.

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