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Just for jokes: Hillarious uncle Roland memes.

Of course, Zimbabweans love to joke around. Even in the midst of a political turmoil, hunger and poverty, comedy is still part of everyday life. Uncle Roland seems to be the latest victim of memes on social media platforms after making headlines for taking in young girls as his fun patners.

The business tycoon, who is based in South Africa broke the record after attending Ginimbi’s party with several beautiful young ladies who seemed to cling onto him like he was tir source of life. He was criticized for engaging such young girls but the unrepentant Uncle Roland seems unbothered.

Here are some of the memes doing the rounds.

Uncle Roland loves to flash his cash around and certainly knows how to woo the ladies. He recently announced that he was receiving hundreds of requests from girls from countries such as South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe to take them as his patners.

In spite of his age, Uncle Roland, seems to be living the life of a teenager, raking in the cash and simply having some fun.

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