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Kim Jayde claps back at body shamer.

Zimbabweans model and television presenter Kim Jayde recently put a body shamer in his place. The beautiful presenter, who is based in South Africa, recently shared some hot pics from a photoshoot. One person commented that she had no chest, making reference to her small breasts. Kim was enraged and had a mouthful for the follower.

She said she is not usually one who replies back to negative comments online but she felt it prudent to teach this one follower a good lesson. She wrote,” Then I remembered how my whole life I’ve been bullied and told that I wasn’t really a woman or feminine or not not sexy because I didn’t have big breast”. She went on to state that body shaming was not welcome in her world in 2019?

Kim the told the troll that at least she was blessed with a brain, talent and ambition and was not one to quit. She thanked her loyal fans who had also defended her when the nasty comment was posted. Kim is currently one of the best faces of television in South Africa. She was recently named amongst the top 100 most influential young Africans and continues to stir to great heights.

Kim has had many endorsements in her career. She however became more famous through her MTV base show. She proudly represents her country. Kim, however, started off from humble beginnings and confessed to once living in friend’s house before making it big.

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