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Madam boss’ critics strike again.

Barely a week after comedian and business woman Madam boss was harrassed for wearing a shirt a party, another wave of attacks has been launched against her. The comedian has been accused of bleaching by popurlar Facebook platform Baba Jukwa. She was lambasted for allegedly being used by bleaching companies to use and market their products.

Ever since her inception into the limelight, Madam boss has received scathing attacks from various people. At one point, she ended up having to apologise for wearing a jumpsuit at a function during to the outpour of negative comments. A few days ago she was criticized for wearing a black short at a party in Eastlea. Madam boss defended herself and said she is still young and likes to wear clothes that appeal to her husband. She also claimed that her husband is her mangaer and he is the one who regurlaly posts her pictures. She also asserted that he in-laws do not have any problems with her dressing.

The latest attack by Baba Jukwa has however backfired as evidenced by the support garnered by the comedian. Most of her fans quickly came to her defence and said she is generally a light person. The allegations of skin bleaching have therefore been said to be baseless and do not hold any water.

Madam Boss is famous for her comic skits and crazy videos. She is a strong and resilient woman who is not affected by such negativity. She is also a brand ambassador for various products.

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