Mthuli Ncube promises to cushion civil servants further.

Finance minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has promised to further cushion civil servants from the rising cost of living. He confirmed this position during the anti sanctions march held on Friday last week. The minister said that he was aware of the hardships being faced by the majority of civil servants who are struggling to make a living.

The minister said government was in the process of bumping up allowances for civil servants. He also stated that they will receive bonuses in November, a deviation from previous years where bonus had been foregone. The announcement has however done little to stifle growing discontentment amongst civil servants who feel that government is taking them for granted.

Most people have expressed their displeasure in government refusing to increase salaries in parity with the interbank exchange rate. Suffice to say whenever a salary increase for civil servants is announced, the price hike madness escalates and the purpoted increase becomes useless. Most civil servants have been threatening to go on strike just like what the doctors did.

Professor Ncube has been making efforts to make civil servants earn something reasonable but his efforts have been in vain as the cost of living continues to go up on a daily basis

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