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Olinda Chapel advises fans not to harass her baby daddy.

Zimbabweans socialite who is based in the UK, Olinda Chapel, has come out guns blazing against her fans. The businesswoman has lambasted her followers for giving her ex husband Tytan a hard time online. She said her fans might have done so for her sake and to show their support but it was clearly a wrong move.

Olinda split up with Tytan this year after being married for one year. The two have a child together Nandi. Olinda said that nasty comments were not welcome and could negatively impact how the two would want to co parent. She said Tytan did not deserve all the hate being spewed by her large grouping of followers.

In the plea to er fans, Olinda said hurtful comments also had a bearing on her child who is being caught up between two fighting parents. She wrote,” Baba Nandi has just spent the weekend with our daughter and that post was a very positive post as he stated how she had reminded him to do better”. She said the malicious comments that had followed the said post were uncalled for as they defeated the whole purpose of trying to raise their child together in spite of having separated.

Olinda also said her child was supposed to be raised on a happy environment. Tytan and Olinda made front page news when they got hitched last year at a glitzy ceremony. Most people were shocked when they separated a year later. Although Olinda has professed to have moved on, the two seem to be in good books and fans are hoping for a re union.

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