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Pics: 5 times Pokello pulled her boss lady moves on us.

Zimbabwean socialite Pokello Nare loves the camera. Her infectious smile and beautiful body alwys leave viewers clamouring for more. Here are our top 5 images in which she pulled her boss lady moves.

Pokello oozed sex appeal in her yellow and pink ensemble. Her yellow heel transformed her into a true boss lady. The queen of swagger was indeed dripping in sauce as she posed next to a Lamborghini.

Pokello redefined style and class in this black and white tweed dress and handbag. She caused commotion online with this look and when she announced that she was selling the dress to the highest bidder, the chaos was magnified.

The queen of swagger looked effortlessly classy in her blue gown for a Pepsi ad. Her bold make up and laid back pose shouted “I got this”. Talk of boss lady moves.

Pokello looked neat and well groomed in a purple and pink two piece suit. The queen rarely wears clothing of this kind but she owned the look. The clothes complimented her curves and her pose gave a resounding boss lady aura.

Pokello gave haters a run for their money when she showed off some leg in these trendy shorts and blazer. Her confidence and “I know what I want” pose leaves a lot to be desired about the socialite. She clearly is a woman of steel and knows exactly what she is aiming for. No wonder why she professed that she current has “chimuti”.

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