Pics: Ginimbi’s all white birthday bash.

Flamboyant businessman and socialite Ginimbi recently celebrated his birthday in style. The event was held at his club Dreams nightlife in true Ginimbi swanky style. Renowned DJ’s, businessman and celebrities thronged the club to wish their friend a happy birthday. Dreams nightlife is famous for hosting exclusive parties and beautiful ladies. There had been so much controvesy surrounding the event with some people questioning the soialite why he had not given them invites.


Ginimbi enjoys himself and dances along as his guests look on.

The party was a blast with losts of champagne, whisky, beers and snacks. Revellers were also treated to world class entertainment as they celebrated in their various white outfits.

Ginimbi loves to throw all white parties and invite his high class friends. He has hosted them in South Africa and Australlia before.

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