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Professional photographer Ashley Mberikwazvo making waves in the media industry!

Ashley Mberikwazvo is a young photographer whose amazing camera skills have scored him numerous gigs. The 21 year old is quite a master behind the camera and possesses in depth knowledge on how to capture the perfect shot. He has been doing outdoor shoots, wedding pictures, bridal shower images and private function photo services.

One look at the young man in action and one will be left convinced that he is the king of his trade. The young CCOSA student says he attributes his skills to the induction he got from school. He is a journalism student and is hoping to further enhance his photographic prowess by acquiring more equipment.

Ashley has already done several top notch projects with models and is looking forward to working with bigger media houses some day. Asked by this publication on his tricks in getting the perfect shot, the humble faced photographer had this to say,” It is all about the camera angle, lighting, the mood of the client and their theme. Of course, various other factors come into play, for example the type of camera that you use and other enhancements”. His professional brand name is Flosie pics.

Ashley is also a hip hop singer with the group Tenflos and has released several songs such as My gang and Musango. He hopes to fuse his photographic skills as well as his singing talent. He said he hopes to rope in in other young artists in order to bring a different mindset when it comes to issues of what young people can and cannot do. He has already worked with popurlar young comedian Ray vines on a project.

Ashley said his motto in life is that one must create opportunities for themselves. He said it is not advisable for young people to wait for opportunities to present themselves whilst they sit back and wait. They must in fact create opportunities for themselves. Ashley said he draws inspiration from people such as Ray vines, who is still very young, but managed to utilise his talent and create his own youth hub called Mukukuzvi.

The young professional photographer said his future plans include owning his own studio and working with television channels and magazines. He also intends to spread his wings beyond the country’s boarders.

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