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Prophet T Freddy flashes US dollars.

Zimbabwran prophet T Freddy seems to be at the centre of growing controvesy after recently flashing a brief case loader with US dollar notes. The man of cloth shared images in which he is seen flaunting the money and at one time giving an intimate kiss to the brand new US dollar notes. To add weight to his status, he is photographed in front of a state of the art range Rover vehicle.

The prophet is in the receiving end of nasty comments with most people questioning his demeanor a man of God. Such conduct has been said to be unbecoming for a man with a religious calling. Prophet Freddy is the founder and leader of Goodness and mercy ministries. He is famous for his “spiritual eyes” sermons and miracles. The prophet e also a singer and has released songs such as Kastep kenyasha.

Many people have lambasted Zim prophets for being too proud and hell bent on acquiring earthly treasures. A few weeks ago, another prophet Passion Java showed off his new Lamborghini, sparking controvesy on the source of his wealth. The prophet had earlier on purchased a helicopter and proudly bragged about it on social media and.

There seems to be a new breed of prophets in modern day Zimbabwe whose main mantra when it comes to the gospel I that of acquiring wealth. Most prominent Zim prophets such as prophet Walter Magaya, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Euebert Angel have fat bank accounts. This has often been a topical issue with most people alleging foul play on the part of the prophets.

Prophet Freddy has indeed raised a few eyebrows with his conduct. With the state of the economy and the way people are struggling to survive, one is left wondering where the prophet amassed so much cash

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