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Ray vines takes “Ngazviende” to another level.

Ray vines never ceases to amaze his fans. The young comedian always has a trick up his sleeve and his comic skits are hillarious. His recent work has,however, rased concern with most of his fans fearing for his life considering the recent spate of abductions and killings. The skit is centred around the president’s speech at the anti sanctions gala held on Friday. The famous “Ngazviende, Ngazviende, Ngazviende” and “Hatizvidi,Hatizvidi, Hatizvidiii” lines are incoporated into his video.

The comedian is seen praying for someone so that whatever is holding him must go, just like the sanctions. He then prays for him, breaks into song and exhorts some demon to go. Fast forward, a minute later, and Ray vines is standing on the toilet door wherein the person shouts that it has gone. Much to the amusement of his fans, Ray vines had been reffering to constipation all along and that the person must indeed relieve himself hence the line that it should go.

Of course, the skit has received a lot of positive feedback with most people applauding the young comedian’s creativity and sense of humour. Many have however advised him to tread carefully because there have been abductions of late of people who make a mockery of the current administration. Fellow comedian Gonyeti was abducted this year and nearly left for dead following comic skits depicting the current state of affairs in Zim.

He has been warned to sleep with one eye open as his life could be in danger because of the video. Ray vines is a talented young university students whose passion for comedy has made him a force to reckon in the arts industry. He infuses day to day situations with a twist of humour. His previous work includes skits on the hike in price of bread, the shortage of electricity in Zimbabwe and the issue of prophets.

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