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Ruby Lynn’s emotional video on being labelled “ugly”.

Make up guru Ruby Lynn has spoken out against body shamers who are in the habit of labelling women without make up as ugly. The entrepreneur who owns her own beauty range comprising of foundation, lipsticks and face powder among other products said it was deplorable conduct that some people made others feel uncomfortable by telling them that they are ugly.

Ruby Lynn lives by the motto #Every woman is beautiful. She always emphasizes that point in her make up video tutorials. In the latest video Ruby Lynn says a lot of hate comments have been thrown left,right and centre at women including herself. She then puts on some make up which totally transforms her face and later removes it from one side of her face. The make up artist certainly tried to graphically depict how women have been harrassed for being themselves.

The issue of other people policing how women should look and dress has been topical of late. Just a few days ago, Dr Guramatunhu received major clap back after stating that he stated that he hates women who wear weaves because they do not have self confidence. Ruby’s message comes at a time when women are still seething in anger over being told how to look, dress and conduct themselves by fellow women and men.

Ruby Lynn rounded off her video tutorial by encouraging women to be themselves and to never let anyone else take their happiness. Last year, s made headlines when sh offered to do make up on one lady who had been bullied online and labelled as an ugly hippopotamus. Ruby had contacted the lady and given her a make over before advising her fans that no woman should be called ugly.

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