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Stunner and Ray Vines redefine the tailored belt suit.

The tailored belt suit has taken Zimbabwe by storm. The classy and top notch suit looks good for every occasion. It can be worn for formal events as well as semi casual cocktails with friends. Recent images of Stunner and Ray Vines put the whole nation into perspective on how to slay and woo the ladies by pimping up the trendy new look.

Stunner looked dapper in a grey belt suit. His neatly done hairdo and cute faced look added the extra oomph to the normal suiting style that is common. He accessorized his suit with a classy watch and shoes. The rapper is well known for is exquisite fashion sense and could not have looked any better than in the belt suit.

Stunner oozed sex appeal and swag in the belt suit. Most comments in his social media handles compilmented the star for rocking the suit like a pro. The black suit and tie also created a nice combo with the suit. Talk of levels!

Ray Vines also gave a new lease of life to the belt suit by pairing it with a subtle blue shirt. The shades of grey and blue produced an artistic visual effects that most people felt too much to fathom. His funky, blonde hairdo also took his look to a whole new level. The comedian’s svelte figure indeed complimented the suit and the final outcome was a sight for sore eyes.

Ray also accessorized his suit with a nice watch. He played around with his suit to give it a semi casual feel by opting not to tie the belt. He left it hanging by his side instead.

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