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Sweet! “Dintle” shares some bonding moments with her daughter.

Mapaseka Koetle, popurlaly known as Dintle for her role in televison saopie Scandal recently shared some sweet intimate moments with her adorable daughter. She remarked,” These are the moments that I enjoy. Bonding with Nema and just being with her”. The images of the two spending some quality time together and having fun left most green with envy.

Dintle and her husband Nelson welcome their baby girl in 2016. Although the actress often posts pictures of her baby, she never reveals her face. She said that she has a crazy schedule but she always ensures that she spends time with her daughter. She also stated that most people had high expectations of how one should raise their child. She however remarked that it is the parents themselves who mainly criticize their own parenting skills and quoted that research done by Johnson’s had revealed that 44% of critiisj on raising kids came from the parents themselves.

Dintle urged people to love their kids but to also set realistic standards on how to raise them in this crazy busy world. Her daughter Nema, was named after combining the first two initials of her husband’s name and hers. The two are pretty much in love as evidenced by the recent pics.

Dintle rose to fame for her role in Scandalin which he plays a witty and blunt waitress with gold digging tendencies. She studied at Afda and later on did Acting for camera at City varsity. She has played roles in films such as Show off and Second chances as well as her current role in Scandal. She also owns some restaurants.

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