“Thank you for choosing me when you wake up”.Hungani Ndlovu crushes over bae.

Stephanie Sandows, who plays Ingrid, in the popurlar soapie Scandal is one lucky lady. Not only did she celebrate her birthday today but she also received a sweet message from her long time boyfriend Hungani Ndlovu who also plays the role of Romeo Medupe in the same soapie.

Hungani showered his leading lady with praises and confessed his undying love for her. Indeed the couple is one of the most adorable patners in South Africa. They have been together for over three years and their relationship is every one’s couple goals. Hungani wished the love of his life a happy birthday and humourously announced that since it was her big day, he was allowed to goof around.

Both Hungani and Stephanie regurlaly exchange sweet tweets. Hungani wrote,”You’re such a beautiful human being, and I’m refferrinh to your spirit”. He said that Stephanie is beautiful both on the inside and outside. Hungani emphasized that her outside beauty is only a fraction of what’s inside her heart.

Although they rarely cross paths on the Scandal set as their roles are divorced from each other, the two are inseparable in real life. The fact that they have been together for so long, unlike other fly by night couples, shows their commitment and the mutual respect they have for each other. As a way of celebrating her birthday, Hungani posted what he considers the best pictures of Stephanie and which he captured. He further wrote,”Thank you for choosing me every day when you wake up”.

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