Top 10 reasons to travel.

Whilst the idea of travelling might seem daunting to some, it has been noted several times that travelling can have a positive impact on one’s life. Travelling can be done at any stage in a person’s life. We highlight the ten advantages of travelling.

1 To learn

Travelling enables a person to learn about different aspects of the universe. It is an ideal way for one to acquire knowledge about new things, plants, animals, culture and cuisine. An as the old adage goes, “Learning never ceases”.

2 To have adventures.

Travelling allows one to step out of there comfort zone and seek new adventures. The thrill of experiencing something new can rejuvenate one’s soul. Imagine someone from Zimbabwe where it does not show going on a journey to the USA and experiencing snowy weather for the first time in their life. It is these simple, adventurous things that ignite excitement. So why not?

3 To be anonymous

There is something peaceful and calming about going to a place where no one knows you and you can just be anonymous. It is an easier way for you to throw your weight around and simply enjoy life without having to worry about what the next person, who doesn’t know you, will say. It is that feeling of mystery that ought to encourage people to travel.

4 Life is too short

Indeed life is too short to spend it cooped in one place. Travelling is a necessity before one crosses to the other side.

5 To meet more people

Meeting new faces can also be an exciting thing. There is something about making new friends and sharing your stories that brings inner peace and healing.

6 To feel more alive

Travelling can bring out the inner you and make you feel more alive.

7 To know yourself

Many people have rediscovered themselves through travelling. A journey to a different place may help you to see yourself from a different perspective. It might inspire you to fulfill your dreams and get rid of whatever will be holding you back. At times, it is after seeing people from other countries doing big things that one is able to firmly say,”I can do this”.

8 To challenge yourself

Travelling may also encourage a person to challenge themself and go forward.

9 To experience cultures

Experiencing other cultures can be fun and exciting. Learning about other people’s culture, food and religious views can serve as an eye opener. Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French and African cultures have been known to attract a lot of attention worldwide.

10 To not look back and wonder, What if?

Nothing is more poisonous to the soul than living with regree. Take time to travel when you still can. Create memories that you can reminisce on as you get older.

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