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Top 10 ways to “tame your teen”.

As your child transitions into being a teenager, a lot of friction may occur between the two of you. Adolescence is a natural stage of each and every person’s life and must be handled delicately lest you damage your relationship with your child permanently. Here are some tips to ensure you manage your child as they reach their teens.

1 Privacy is key

Give your child some space. You cannot be expected to know everything about their life. If possible they should have their own room and personal stuff that you cannot tamper with.

2 Help them handle relationship issues.

You must comfort and give good advice when your teenager s going through a relationship crisis. Bragging about how you had better relationships at that age will only create a gap between the two of you. Share wisdom rather than clinging onto the “I told you so” motto.

3 Build their confidence

You must instill both inner and outer confidence in your child. Teach them about self love, positive mindset and emotional control.

4 Lead by example

Your teenager looks up to you. Teach them life by living an exemplary lifestyle. Pursue your dreams and achieve your goals and they will forever hold you in high esteem. If you want pursue a life changing dream, do not put it on hold for their sake but rather go for it.

5 Be a safety net rather that a security detail.

Do not be overprotective. Nothing irks a teenager more than an overprotective and overbearing parent. Let your child discover themself.

6 Think before you speak

Any a times, parents blurt out things that they regret later. This is common when one is angry or stressed. Take your time before you respond to your teenager .

7 Help them to fight bullies

Offer support to your child in tackling bullies.

8 Celebrate milestones achieved.

Young kids are already under competitive pressure to Excell. Support your child, celebrate with them when they achieve something. Applaud their efforts.

9 Move with the times.

Of course, times have changed since you were a teenager yourself. What used to entertain you might not appeal to the modern day teenager. Embrace new technology and art and allow your child to enjoy without putting unnecessary restrictions.

10 Be friends with your child

This entails listening to them, going for outdoor activities and simply being a strong tower to lean on. Establish friendship with your teenager.

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