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Top 10 ways you can help prevent domestic violence.

Domestic violence has become a common feature in today’s society. Victims often find themselves out in the cold with little or no assistance from neighbours and those within their vicinity. It is important for victims of domestic violence to get help and counselling as the scars of being abused may haunt them for life. These are some of the ways one can assist to stop the scourge of domestic violence.

1 Do not ignore.

Always be alert for signs of domestic violence and never ignore when you realize that one is being abused. A recent incident in Kambuzuma left the whole nation shell shocked whereby a small child was made to sleep in a chicken coop by her parents and would be caged for the whole day. Neighbors merely ignored ad watched as the child suffered on a daily basis. It was only after the story was aired on national television that decisive action was made.

2 Know the signs

Research about the signs of domestic violence. These include a patner being in total control of finances, making threats of violence against you or making you feel guilty for their mistakes. Knowing the signs may help in identifying where a person is facing abuse.

3 Lend an ear

Although this role was the preserve of aunts and uncles in the African society, anyone can lend a listening ear to one who is alleging abuse. Listen objectively without being judgemental.

4 Be on guard to welcome a victim.

If you are aware that someone has come to you for protection and they are running away from abuuse, do extend open arms. Welcome them and make them feel at ease. Be receptive. If they need to be ferried somewhere take them.

5 Keep contacts

Keep numbers for helplines such as Child line and the police.

6 Keep a record of events

You must document incidents of abuse that you might have witnessed. Record dates, injuries and whatever you might have observed. This can help in court cases as evidence.

7 Raise awareness

Be actively involved in raising awareness on domestic violence issues. Take part in campaigns at church, in your community or at home.

8 Check in regurlaly.

Always check in on your friends and loved ones just to see if they are safe.

9 Assist

Offer help in any possible way

10 Counselling

Where counselling is required advise one to gor for proffessional counselling.

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