Top 5 important things to include in your c.v

Applying for a job needs one to be tactical and honest. You have to include important information that allows your potential employer to fully appreciate your skills and suitability for the job applied for. These are some things that you ought to highlight on your c.v

1 Job experience.

This includes your employment history. You must clearly lay out your track record. It is necessary to prove a reliable career experience. Include jobs that you have had that have a bearing in t job you are applying for.

2 Academic qualifications.

These are critical in arriving at a decision whether an employer will consider giving you a job or not. Clearly state your educational qualifications, certificates, awards if any and if you are currently studying towards something spell it out. It might be useful. You must also name the institutions where you acquired your education from.

3 Skills.

You must note any specialized skills that you might posess and experience acquired over the years that make you n ideal candidate for the job.

4 Personal attributes

Your potential employer might need to get a sense of who you are on a more personal level. However such personal information must be limited. Include your hobbies, recreational activities and favorite things but be careful of overfeeding personal information.

5 Volunteer work.

State any volunteer work that you have done in the past. This shows your potential employer your commitment to others even if it is for free.

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