Top 5 suncare tips.

The heatwave being experienced can have far reaching consequences if you do not manage your skin well. Issues of skin cancer have been known to arise as a result of excessive exposure of skin to the sun. The sweltering heat is by no means good for skin. We have narrowed down our top tips to ensure your skin is healthy and well taken care of this summer, particularly with the heatwave being experienced in most parts of the country.

1 Limit time spent in the sun.

Limit the time that you spend in the sun. Over exposure !at damage your skin cells. Also avoid sunning yourself when radiation is at its peak.

2 Protect your kids.

Kids are more susceptible to sun damage because their skin is much thinner than that of an adult.

3 Do not use expired products.

Always check the shelf life of your sunscreen. If you are not sure, call the customer care line on the container.

4 Apply sunscreen generously.

Apply suncreen generously and in every area of your body. Do not neglect areas such as the ears, nose and lips as they are also prone to sun damage. When sunning your feet, do not limit application of sunscreen to the feet or legs but rather apply in your whole body. This is because radiation bounces on almost everything from Windows to grass back into your body.

5 Take care of your skin everyday.

Skincare must be part of daily routine all year round. It should not be limited to summer only but every other day.

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