Top 6 refreshing and pimped up summer coolers.

This hot weather needs one to cool down with a refreshing drink, colourful fruity suprise or succulent garden salads We have compiled our own pimped up version of the best fruit and vegetable meals that can make your summer dreams come to life.

1 Infused water.

Not only is it a healthy choice, but infusing your water with fruits and vegetables, also provides a refreshing and thirst quenching effect. Simply add ice, cut up fruit slices of your choice such as watermelon, peaches or lemon and some herbs and you are good to go.This water has so many health benefits as well as keeping you hydrated all day long.

2 Fruit smoothies.

This can be done at any period during the day. Fruit smoothies include the blending of ice, fruit pieces, vegetables such as spinach and a touch of herbs. It is an ideal way to cool off in this sweltering weather.

3 Popsicles.

Another fun way of enjoying your summer days is making your own homemade fruit popsicles. All you need is a popsicle mould, some fruits and somewhere to relax. Fruits such as strawberries, mango and pineapple are great for this idea. You can been rope in the kids to help out in preparing the popsicles.

4 Summer salads.

A great way to fill up your Timmy with good food involves making light and refreshing salads. These include fruit salad, Greek salads and grilled vegetable salads. Watermelon, cucumber and avocado are necessary ingredients for such recipes.

5 Fruit pizza

These can be made using a watermelon ring as base or oatmeal. You can put your favourite toppings such as strawberries, apples and use fresh cream as your pizza sauce. You can also spinkle some mint for that extra refreshing kick.

6 Freeze your fruit.

You can freeze some fruit pieces and nibble on them later on. This has a magical cooling effect. You can also put some cut up fruit pieces in an ice tray together with some juice and eat the ice blocks later on.

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