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Top 8 benefits of being a stay- at -home mum.

Whilst most women are now pursuing proffessional careers, it is not uncommon for some to choose to stay behind at home and take care of their kids. We have narrowed down some of the amazing benefits of being a stay at home mum.

1 Availability

You are always there for your kids when they need your attention. Many a times young children feel neglected when their working mums are not readily available to attend to their needs.

2 Zero loneliness

Being stuck in a work cubicle all-day long may leave you feeling lonely and yearning for some light moment with your little ones. Being at Hime nables you to always be together with your child and not feel that dreary seperation.

3 More effort on your kids.

You can focus all your energy and time in your kids. You can devote your energy towards their welfare and upkeep?

4 Satisfactory feeling

You have the satisfaction of raising your kids yourself. Leaving the care of your child in the Nanny’s hands may leave you feeling a bit paranoid or uneasy.

5 You control the running of your household.

You are the master of your house. The cooking, cleaning and family schedule is entirely in your hands.

6 Cuts down on expenses.

You won’t have to worry about expenses such as daycare.

7 Maintaining your routine.

You have a more consistent routine. You can regulate meal times, kids bedtime and entertainment unlike working mums who might get delayed in between meetings.

8 You don’t miss out.

You don’t miss out on any important developmental stages of your child’s growth. ilestones such as your baby’s first steps or crawling . You witness things like your baby’s first steps or words.

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