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Trending: Best images of celebs rocking denim 2019.

Denim is trendy,cheeky and timeless. No wonder why our favourite celebs wear it often. We compiled the most outstanding celeb denim looks of 2019.

1 Kim Jayde

Kim looks trendy and very fashionable in her uniquely tailored jeans and sneakers. What a nice combo. The model is an ardent lover of sneakers and piring them off with some blue denim pants was a match made in heaven. We can’t seem to get over this look.

2 Mapaseka Koetle

Mapaseka, commonly known as Dintle for her role in Scandal, looks stylish and classy in her denim on denim ensemble. The nude and transparent heels added extra glam to her look.

3 Madam boss

This image caused furore with some people slamming the comedian for wearing her ripped shorts. She defended herself and her fans said she actually looked great and very fashionable in her shorts. These are a good fashion choice this summer and can be paired off with some sandals.

4 Buhle Samuels

Buhle turned up the heat with her cropped denim jacket and sexy lingerie.

5 Nadia Nakai

Nadia is every girl’s dream in this denim skirt. She looks hot, fresh and funky. Her strappy shoes and vintage wig add some flare to this look.

6 Misred

Misred looks gorgeous with her simple Jean and black top. This is evidence that plus size women can rock jeans. The radio and television personality loves to tuck her sweaters and shirts inside her jeans, giving her that edgy look.

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