USAID sponsored app helps with HIV counselling.

A new mobile application has been unveiled in Sim with the help of international organisation USAID. The application assists those who would have been diagnosed with HIV to accept their newly found status and live a healthy lifestyle.

The application provides for client ART preparedness and gives a step by step detailed analysis of what is expected of the user who would have been found to be HIV positive. It supports individuals to understand their status and plan for treatment. It is therefore vital in ensuring a smooth transition from being emotionally disturbed by realising that one is HIV positive to accepting and managing the disease.

The application has the following plan of action. Firstly, it provides information on hiv care and treatment. Secondly, it advises on starting anti retroviral treatment early. Thirdly, it encourages one to disclose their status to someone they trust. Fourthly, it exhorts on to adhere to ARV treatment. Lastly, it encourages one to know their viral load. The 5 step plan is essential in maintaining one’s health after being diagnosed with HIV. It also gives adequate support and guidance to an individual.

Zimbabwe is one of the countries in Africa with a high HIV prevalence rate. Such mobile applications are therefore essential and ought to be utilized to the maximum as they offer important guidelines and information.

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