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Wendy Williams flexes her tongue to pronounce Zimbabwean name.

United States television host and presenter Wendy Williams recently showed off her tongue reflexes as she tried to pronounce the name of a Zimbabweans guest who was on her show. Makho Ndlovu, a television presenter and designer had been invited to the show to show off her latest range of jewellery, bags and other accessories. As Wendy introduced he to the audience she said her name with so much confidence and ambience.

Ndlovu then gave a shout out to her motherland prompting fellow Zimbabweans to react with so many positive comments. Ndlovu later on remarked,”This was a total pinch me moment. I can’t believe I was on the @Wendy show today. What better way to kick off my segment than with a nod to my Zimbabwean roots”.

Ndlovu has earned quite a name for herself the United States. She has rubbed shoulders with big celebrities such as Paris Hilton. The beautiful celebrity reporter was born in Zimbabwe but her family relocated to the US when she was only aged ten. She has hosted major events such as the Facelist awards and Essence live. She is based in New York.

Makho is one of the leading Zimbabwean women making waves on the international scene, particularly in the U.S. Other ladies making it big include Danai Gurira who starred in the series The walking dead, Black Panther and Avengers and Tinashe Kajese who was cast in Suicide squad 2.

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