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Youth Profiles: Tawanda Cuthbert Dhiri.

It is often emphasized that the youths of today are tommorow’s leaders. They then ought to think and act in a way that depicts their futuristic leadership skills. One such young person has defied odds and ventured into an area which most young people frown upon. Tawanda Cuthbert Dhiri is a farmer, a proud one.

The former Visitation Makumbi high school student is striving towards achieving zero hunger in the country. He has been in the forefront, advocating for young people to take farming seriously in order to sustain livelihoods. Tawanda has exhorted people to use their entrepreneurial skills to enhance the farming industry. He once remarked,”Our qualifications are depreciating in value as technology, development and entrepreneurship take centre stage globally”.

Tawanda recently launched an Agripreneurship Capacity Building Training programme at Vainona school in oreerto identify those who are passionate about farming and encourage them to further there interest. The young man is so invested in farming that he lives by the following motto,”The future of African youth is in Agriculture. Let us work together to make it a reality. The youth can and will feed the future”.

He was part of the young people that participated in the Generation Africa stories in South Africa. Adding his voice to the untold African stories, Tawanda put emphasis on the importance of agriculture. He said he inherited the passion for farming from his grandmother.

Tawanda is indeed changing the dynamics in terms of how young people understand the concept of growing food sustainably for today and the future.

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