Zimbabwe turns to God, as economy continues to crumble.

A national prayer conference has been organised in order to address the issues bedevilling the Zim economy. Dubbed “Zimbabwe back to God”, the conference will run from 17 to 20 October 2019. It will be held at the City Sports centre. The interdenominational event has been organised for people to pray with one accord in order for Zinbabwe’s economic situation to improve. Most people have been struggling to make ends meet. In the space of one year, prices have skyrocketed, inflation ballooned and the general cost of living has gone beyond the reach of many. To make matters worse, industry is virtually inoperative and the health sector in shambles. Since biblical times, the church and religion have been used as a tool to address economic and political chaos. Zim prophets have been called on to step in and help with reviving the economy through religion. The prayer conference is expected to yield poiitive results. UFIC leader, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa recently announced that something was about to happen in Zimbabwe. He advised members of his church to pray and fast for the country. Several other religious leaders have also been calling for people to be fervent in prayer if any real change is to come to Zim.

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