Zimbawe’s fastest man dies.

Zimbabwean athlete Artwell Mandaza passed away a few days ago. He was aged 73. Mandaza was one of the best athletes to emerge during colonial rule. He had many accoladesto his name including being named sportsman of the year in 1970 and also winning the John Hopley memorial trophy.

The SRC confirmed the news and stated,”It is with deep sense of sadness and sorrow that we have received the news of the passing on of our greatest ever athlete ever to emerge from our beloved country Artwell Mandaza”. They hailed his contribution to the growth and development of athletics in Zimbabwe.

Mandaza once clocked a world record of 9.9 seconds in a 100 metre race at the South African Bantu Championships at Welkom in 1970. Among his achievements was being inducted into the Zimbabwean National Hall of Fame in 2005 among other great names such as George Shaya. He held national records during the period extending from 1969 to 1976. He was rated among the 100 best athletes in the world on more than six occasions.

Mandaza leaves an impressive legacy behind. Although he never had the opportunity to participate at the Olympics, Mandaza’s record speaks for itself about his amazing athletic skills.

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