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Beverly Angels spills the beans on her domestic life.

Beverly Angel, the wife of renowned prophet and business mogul Eubert Angel recently opened up about her home life. The blonde haired prophetess confessed that she enjoys her household duties and tasks. She wrote,”Always blessed to wear my homemaker hat each time I step into my home from the office”.

Beverly painted the picture of the virtuos Proverbs 31 woman and said she is an all rounder when it comes to her wifey duties at home. Amongst other duties Beverly said she is a cleaner, alterations lady,washing and ironing services lady,homework tutor,chef,stylist and prayer patner amongst other duties. She however gushed over her ability to execute all those duties. Beverly advised women to take time to know how to do these chores.

She said apart from the glamorous photos on Instagram, women must learn to face reality and take responsibility. She said social media photos do not in any way depict the real person at home. Beverly said that it is a blessing to be a wife,daughter ,sister or mother. The prophetess is known for her trendy outfits and shoes. Most people would not have imagined such a rich person to be involved in domestic chores but Beverly confirmed the opposite.

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