Breaking news: Police assault MDC A supporters at Harvest house.

MDC A supporters are breathing fire following the ongoing altercation between police and protestors at Harvest house in the Harare CBD area. The MDC A leader Nelson Chamisa is scheduled to address party supporters but it remains to be seen whether this will be possible considering the heavy police presence and assault in supporters.

Party members had gathered at the headquarters early in the morning awaiting to hear a speech from Chamisa. Police later on showed up and started to assault them mercilessly and even those who were merely passing by. The videos have been circulating on social media. The recent actions by police have been a great cause for concern especially in light of the constitution that allows for freedom of movement and gives the right to form a gathering.

In one of the videos, a senior police officer is recorded having a conversation with an MDC official and asking for supporters to get inside the building to which the official responds that Harvest house in not big enough to accommodate the whole gathering. The police officer however remains adamant that people should disperse from the street. Most of the MDC A planned demonstrations were thwarted this year.

Even after lodging and urgent chamber application a few months ago to challenge refusal by the police to grant them authority to demonstrate, there was no relief for the opposition party.

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