Business man in hot soup for battering wife.

A Norton businessman has caused outrage following an assault on his wife. The arrogant man has had a tendency of assaulting his wife for over 16 years. His wife, Cynthia, recently came out of the closet and posted an image on social media with a bloodied head and swollen face. She alleged that she had been assaulted by her husband who was in the habit of beating her.

Cynthia looked seriously wounded and she claimed that this had been going on for nearly two decades. Although the two were living in the same house, they were using separate bedrooms. The businessman had even suggested that his wife move out so that he can accommodate his girlfriend. Most women felt enraged at the sight of a fellow sister being subjected to such violent acts.

On the forefront of the attack was comedian Mai Titi who promised to go to Norton herself and discipline the culprit. Various other groups and individuals mobilised women to go and hold a protest march against domestic abuse. Cynthia said she feared for her life.

Whenever she reported the abuse to the police in the past the case would be swept under the carpet and her husband alleged that most of the police officers in Norton were under his payroll. Cases of domestic violence have become rampant in the country with some people even losing their lives.

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